Documents required for the issuance of «GOLDEN VISA»

1. Beneficiary
  • Four (4) recent colour photos, with passport specifications (dimensions: 4x6), plus a CD with the photos in digital form. We prefer the photos to be taken in Greece, because there are differences in passport specifications amongst different countries.
  • Copy of a valid passport or other travel document recognized in Greece bearing an entry visa, whenever an entry visa is required. In the case where the CITY of birth is not mentioned on the passport, a Birth Certificate is also required, to establish where the applicant was born.
  • Health, hospital and accident private insurance (preferably from a Greek insurance agent).
    We usually arrange this for our customers, using an Insurance Company we work with.
  • Copy of the purchase title of the property/ies worth at least 250.000 Euros. The contract shall clearly mention that the price was paid by bank check from a Greek bank account, or by bank transfer directly to the seller’s account from a foreign account.
  • A notarial certificate that certifies that the property deed fulfills all the requirements set by Law 4146/2013 art. 6 par.2
  • Proof that the property title was properly registered at the local Land Registry.
2. Family Members (children up to 21 years old, spouse, parents, spouse’s parents):
  • Four (4) recent colour photos, as above.
  • Copy of a valid passport bearing an entry visa (and in some cases a Birth Certificate), as above.
  • Health, hospital and accident private insurance, as above.
  • A recent certificate of family status from a foreign authority proving the relationship between the main applicant and the members of his/her family (e.g. Family Certificate, Marriage Certificate etc.). This certificate shall be issued by the competent Public Authorities and validated with the Hague Convention Stamp (“Apostille”) wherever it is required. Alternatively it shall be officially translated and validated by the competent Greek Consulate or by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1. In the case where the applicant and/or family member has traveled to Greece through another Schengen country, and his/her passport bears an entry visa of this country, instead of Greece, we also need the e-tickets and the boarding passes in order to verify the entire route of the journey.
2. Finally we need a list with all the family members that are applying along with the applicant, mentioning the following: first name, last name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth, place of birth.