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Long-Term Lease

Reduced frequency of moving

Choosing a short or long-term lease will depend on your individual circumstances. While short-term leases are a convenient option for tenants looking for flexibility, long-term leases will provide greater stability, security of income, and less hassle in terms of looking for new accommodation.


GOLDEN HOME provides owners wishing to lease their properties on a long-term basis integrated services of legal protection, management and technical assistance.
The long standing experience and professional responsibility shown by the staff of the Property Management Department, in collaboration with GOLDEN HOME’s Legal Service, Tax Consultants and Technical Department, ensure our clients reliable services and help them save both time and money

Customer service

For any issue related to the management and exploitation of the property, the appropriate department with its experienced staff provides the owner with trustworthy information, guidelines and advice.

Legal protection

Especially for owners-lessors of properties, GOLDEN HOME’s Legal Service provides the following services:

  1. Updating on current lease legislation
  2. Drafting of private lease agreements
  3. Advice on any issues that may arise during the leasing period
  4. Contact with an inconsistent lessee, in case of delay in payment of rent
  5. Drafting of an extrajudicial letter of formal notice towards a difficult lessee, who delays the rent (the lessor shall be charged only with the bailiff’s minimum fee for the performance - supplement charge)
  6. Summary expulsion of a difficult lessee (issuance of a lease performance order by the competent court) for a pre-agreed minimum legal fee (supplement charge)
Property management

The Property Management Department manages the property’s finances and provides the owner with detailed information:

  1. Revenue Management: Keeps track and ensures the timely monthly payment of rent.
  2. Expenditure Management: Keeps track and ensures the timely payment of bills.
Tax Consultancy Services

Golden Home’s tax consultants offer owners-lessors full tax consultancy services (optional service). Indicative benefits:

  1. Filling in and submission of annual tax return and rental income forms (E1 & E2)
  2. Issuance and dispatch of annual tax return statement
  3. Registration of leasing contracts on taxisnet
  4. Issuance of annual property tax and instalments (ENFIA)
Technical assistance

The Technical Department, with its experienced engineers and technicians, undertakes full technical assistance for your property:

  1. Failure (electricity, water, gas etc): Following the owner’s consent, GOLDEN HOME’s experienced technicians undertake the immediate repair of any failure incurred.
  2. Repairs, Renovations: The experienced professionals of GOLDEN HOME’s Technical Department undertake the planning and execution of any renovation work at preferential prices (supplement charge).
  3. Regular inspections: The experienced staff of GOLDEN HOME’s Technical Department undertake the inspection of the property at regular intervals, in order to check whether the lessee keeps it in good condition and that no damages have incurred. They inform the owner on matters concerning its maintenance by means of a control report and photographs. In case of damages on the part of the lessee they make recommendations and it is then up to the owner to decide whether he will proceed to take legal action for his compensation.
Insurance coverage - loss of income:

The Management Department recommends the appropriate insurance coverage for all the dangers that may threaten the property with the lowest possible insurance premiums, in collaboration with trustworthy insurance companies (optional coverage at an additional cost).


The fee for the services provided as mentioned above, under the Property Management and Protection Programme for long-term lease, amounts to 10% of the total annual rent. The abovementioned fee does not include the charges that are specified as supplement or optional.

The coverage is valid for one year, starting on the day of the signing of the private agreement. The programme may be extended, always on an annual basis and with the same fee.


All fees are subject to 24% VAT.

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